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Are you intimate enough
with your customers? Written by Competence 4.0 on August 29, 2018

Every IoT vendor will concur that their solutions creates an exhilarating digital experience; that significantly improves your customer’s journey while increasing your business agility.

So, as a forward thinking and competitive organization, you are bound by profit to boost your business performance with a smart IoT implementation plan designed to make you The Destination for connected customers.

86% of customers are willing to empty their purse for the perfect digital experience, raising the prospect for a higher rates of defection and giving the rise to the serial switcher.

Who is the serial switcher?
According to Shep Hyken, world renowned customer service expert, the serial switcher is your organization’s boogeyman.

It is that multi-million euros client with a multi-year agreement who decides to terminate or cancel your service agreement for the most innocuous reason.

1. It is not that your products are not well-connected.
2. Think again, your online portal is fine even though you might need to add an AI assistant
3. No, it has nothing to do with the flexibility of your high-end portfolio of solutions.
4. It’s probably not because your onsite team is not smiling enough while performing maintenance…

In this scenario of customer intimacy, or lack thereof, the reason why your client might be hopping off your IoT train is that nobody understands your latest patch with IoT enabled products.

It is too complicated and quite frankly no effort has been made from your end to really reach out beyond that information notice you sent to inform your client of the new changes and your IoT product line…

At this point, you need to really redefine your customer relationship building strategy.

Want to know more about Customer Intimacy in an IoT space, join us @ the Conference of Things to hear from Stephan Iozu, Chief Value Officer @ Thales and many others experts on the subject matter.