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Ahead of the Competence 4.0 Congress in Vienna, Austria, June 12-14, 2018, 
we gathered some of the foremost thought leaders to give you a preliminary insights 
on their views of the future of industrial and manufacturing workforce.

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“The Future of Work” – How not to Fear Robots” with Goran Roos and Aseem Prakash


What happened last Webinar? 

Last September 28, 2017 at the “The Future of Manufacturing Workforce” webinar, we explored the transformative impact of Industry 4.0 on human capital management, we then introduced the concept of Chief Robotics Officer and IoT competencies development, and we concluded by looking at how digitalization could help manufacturing companies rejuvenate and consolidate their corporate brand equity.


What is happening next?

This December 5, 2017 at 3.00 PM CET, Copperberg will host the second installment of Competence 4.0 Webinar series entitled “The Future of Work –  How not to fear Robots”. For this second round, discussions will focus on some of the currently most trended and highly popular topics: 

“Robots vs. Humans” (collectively with the words invasion, collaboration, augmentation or depletion)  

• “What does it mean or will it mean to work in an environment increasingly dominated by artificial intelligence, smart automation and with seemingly less human input

• “What is the real impact of IoT, AI and technological innovation on manufacturing employment


In contrast with opinions, numbers, however are not biased. From 2014 to 2016, Amazon increased robots in its warehouse from 1,400 to 45,000 units. During the same period, employees numbers rose from 95,000 to roughly 341,000 people. With the development of 3D printing, Deloitte project the return of light manufacturing jobs in Europe while India is losing on millions on ICT jobs due to AI.


“The Future of Work – How not to Fear Robots” webinar-debate features Mr. Aseem Prakash, leading AI Business Strategist vs. Mr. Goran Roos, a prominent policy maker. Both will share opposing and sometimes similar views on the ongoing “Robots vs. Human” global discourse. The debate will cover:

1. Focus: imminent future of work & evolving manufacturing workforce

2. Arguments: job creation, productivity, new economy vs. Job displacement, readiness, protection of status quo. 

3. Myths vs. reality: loss of low-skilled jobs, upskilling & training costs, return of light manufacturing jobs, opportunities only available for STEM educated, gig economy… 

4. Outcome: practicalities & pragmatism – what to do at strategic level, managers’ level or basic employee level


Why you should join in? 

You work in a manufacturing/industrial company at any level, you invited to join in, ask questions and learn if:

• Intelligent automation, AI or any technological innovation is to have an impact on your job, your colleague’s job and your company’s workforce?  

• In case of impact: how imminent is it and to what extent? Do you need to retrain yourself? Your teams? Or create a new business & resource planning strategy?

• Automation/robotization born from AI is legitimate growth driver, bring new ways to work and ways of thinking work?

• Policy makers are doing anything to protect labor rights 


Date: Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Time: 3.00 PM CET 

Access: Free 








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