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Aseem Prakash

Aseem Prakash
  • World's Leading AI Business Strategist

Aseem Prakash, World’s Leading AI Business Strategist
Aseem Prakash specializes in ‘Coexisting With RobotsTM’ and is a world’s leading AI Business Strategist. Working at Center for Innovating the Future, a strategy innovation lab in Toronto, Canada, Aseem is decoding how robotics and AI will redefine humanity and what people, business and nations will need to do to stay relevant. He advises leaders of business, industry, academia and government.

Aseem has lived in 6 countries and worked in 16 (in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific). Aseem is a global contributor at Robotics Business Review, writing on business strategy and future scenarios.

Aseem has been invited to share his expertise on ‘Coexisting With RobotsTM’ at various corporate / industry events in Netherlands, USA, Canada, and Denmark (and on e-business in Australia and Singapore). Aseem has also guest lectured on ‘new map of the future’ at the University of Toronto (Canada), Suffolk University (USA) and University of Technology, Sydney (Australia).

In addition to being a global futurist and strategy innovator, Aseem also mentors millennials and Generation Z on how to become future-ready.

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