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Sol Sender

Sol Sender
  • Partner, VSA Partner

Independent Brand Consultant

Over the course of his career—with VSA Partners, Designkitchen and as the principal of his own firm, Sender LLC—Sol Sender has spearheaded strategy, communications and design initiatives for a broad range of clients including IBM, GE, Motorola, UTC, Stratasys and Goldman Sachs. In late 2006, he led the development of the identity for the Obama ’08 campaign, a foundation brand system upon which the historic candidacy unfolded and took flight. His philosophy about brand integrity and organizational performance permeates all of his work and was the basis for VSA’s “Promise to Performance” methodology, a system for closing the gap between the in-market promises a brand makes and the performance of its products and services across constituencies, including customers, employees, investors and channel partners.

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