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Vsevolod Gavrilov

Vsevolod Gavrilov
  • Market Unit Director, Volvo Penta AB

Vsevolod Gavrilov, Market Unit Director, Volvo Penta AB
Vsevolod Gavrilov has spent nearly 20 years building independent dealer network for Volvo Penta AB in Russia. Working in close cooperation with other companies in Volvo Group he aim to create independent and highly effective dealer network, where quality of service dealers is more important than quantity of the dealers.
Vsevolod Gavrilov has high school naval engineering background and spent quite many years working in and with Marine industry, mostly shipbuilding and marine equipment supply. He has experience of working in complex sales through entire value chain, starting from component production, OEMs, OEMs distributors and Dealers, up to End Users and Fleet Owners.
Specifically he is working with components distribution and service (aftermarket support) both on B2B and B2C markets.

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