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Time to stop worrying about
robots taking your jobs Written by Competence 4.0 on August 16, 2018

A new report out from a think tank called the Center for Global Development argues that we need to shift our attention from guessing how many jobs will be eliminated to trying to fix the issue.

Some background: A slew of research projects have made a wide variety of predictions about automation-caused job loss. Predictions differ by tens of millions of jobs, even when comparing similar time frames.

The problems: The paper’s authors, Lukas Schlogl and Andy Sumner, argue that we can be certain significant change is coming without needing to predict the exact level of impact. They say automation will likely cause wages to stagnate and will increase inequality.

No answer yet: Schlogl and Sumner don’t see a good solution out there. It’s hard to retrain workers when the needed skills are unpredictable and frequently changing. Basic income would face a long uphill political battle. Discouraging automation in some industries is likely to jack up prices for the products they produce.

So what should we do? A bit frustratingly, the authors don’t propose any solutions of their own but, naturally, encourage further investment to find an answer.

By Erin Winick @ MIT Technology Review

Our Commentary @ Competence 4.0

No one has clear answers as to how to address the loss of job born from automation. For that matter, statistics on the actual job loss due to automation differ from one research analyst to the other.

What is clear though is the level of urgency at which manufacturing companies need to prepare their workforce in order to tackle the incremental shift in future job skills.

According to experts and our speakers @ Competence 4.0 including Prof. Goran Roos, setting up a competence development or management unit may not be a wasted investment after all if one wants to keep up with competition and continue being innovative.

So, we at Competence 4.0 want to know where you stand, check below if your company has:

  • – A competence development manager

  • – A competence development center – program

  • – A continuous learning program

  • – Not yet thought about reskilling or retraining

Competence 4.0 will be held in Stockholm next November from 26-27, 2018 and address how various companies across the manufacturing world prepare their workforce for the future. You can download the program here.

Prudence Kolong.

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