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Ahead of the Competence 4.0 Congress in Vienna, Austria, June 12-14, 2018,
we gathered some of the foremost thought leaders to give you a preliminary insights
on their views of the future of industrial and manufacturing workforce.

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The manufacturing and industrial landscape everywhere is now experiencing the effects of industrial IoT with big data analytics, digital infrastructures, 3D Printing, Automation, Robotization, Augmented Reality, Industrial Artificial Intelligence and more.

The driving factor behind these changes are increased profitability, operational efficiency and survival. Very few companies have a plan of action successfully navigate 21st century digital age and future industrial disruptions.

Up until now, discussions on IIOT focused exclusively on technology & process integration and barely on how its redefines people within organisations.

In this Competence 4.0 Webinar, “We the people” is on the spotlight. Our 2 guest speakers will explore how these incremental changes affect organizations’ top assets:
· People
· Competencies
· Brand.

· Sol Sender, MD @ Sol Sender Co, former branding strategist for Mr. Barack Obama
· Remy Glaisner, MD @ Myria Research, an IIOT competencies expert

Date & Time:

On Thursday 28 September, 2017 at 15:00 CEST


Key Focus:

· Human Capital Management: How Industry 4.0 accelerates HR function transformation and what impact IIOT has on resource planning, talent acquisition, agile workforce management and generally speaking resource planning

· Competencies Development: what skills, expertise and competencies will prevail in the future and how to prepare for robotoic workforce adoption

· Employer Branding: Why polishing your employer brand is key to get the right talent onboard, how to adapt your corporate culture to new workplace trends, and how to integrate innovation into your brand messaging





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