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What’s the matter with Mikael? Written by Competence 4.0 on September 5, 2018

It has been two years since GE released a very successful ad campaign that achieved two important goals: rebranding GE as a digital enterprise and attracting digitally-minded millennials.

Over 40,000 candidates (mostly STEAMScience, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics graduates) applied and GE officially joined the very selective club of companies worshipped by student groups and subject to a cult-like following in dorms across the globe.

See below to check the incriminating advertisement that got GE an edge over all manufacturing companies when its comes to securing their future workforce.

Like Owen, Mikael from Stockholm is a graduate with two majors (Computer Science and Industrial Engineering) from KTH Royal Institute of Technology. He has also taken business administration courses online as he sees himself as a future social-entrepreneur. He is mulling the idea of starting an MBA program in Artificial Intelligence or advanced mechatronics. He believes that he might as well know how to program and manage the smart robots he is likely to share a workplace with in the near future.

While he is awaiting to set his own structure, he is looking for a meaningful first experience that allows him to use his theoretical and academic experience. He is also wary to start in a position where very little of his skills are used or where there is no space for growth. Another obstacle is that modern management styles are still too stiff and dated. So far, the job marketplace has countless offers but nothing that really excites him.

Organizations he has applied for are in tech, industrial and manufacturing but he feels like their employer brand equity and innovation index is not that great. He’s given the choice to enter another talent factory where he feels like he will become another anonymous employee with no added value.

Mikael knows he has a lot to offer and a lot to learn. And he is there, waiting for a hiring manager or HR recruitment specialist to give him the time of the day.

So what is the matter with Mikael? Can Mikael be part of your organization? Why is it difficult for him to find the right fit?